12 Steps to Success!

Our 12-Step Program to Pure Happiness:

  1. Register today!STEP UP and knock on the door – It’s going to take initiative to make a better life for you and your family. We’ll walk you through the rest:
  2. Needs assessment– housing, utilities, education, employment, resources
  3. Goal Setting – Short term and long term goals
  4. To-Do list– Get ‘er done!
  5. Classes: Living the Good Life – Morals/Rules 101.  At times we can be like teenagers who don’t want to listen to their parents.  We don’t like to conform to RULES! Well we should know how that ends by now.  Like the Prodigal Son, it is time to come home.  The Catholic Church has laid out these rules for us.  If we learn how to follow God’s rules, life will start to get a lot easier.  Of course, many mistakes cannot be undone. This is where confession, reconciliation, and penance come in.  We ALL fall short of the Glory of God!
  6. ThePOWER of the Trinity – God our Father, Jesus the son of God, and the Holy Spirit.  As you learn about God in 3 forms, you will start to see things in a new light.
  7. ThePOWER of the Sacraments – Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, the Holy Eucharist (Body and Blood of Christ)…  The Catholic Church is the only church to keep all the Sacraments initiated by Jesus.  The Sacraments are very powerful and help us to move closer to God.  As you learn about these Sacraments, you will see and feel the power of God’s Grace.  We are called to be Saints, but we cannot do it without God’s Grace.
  8. ThePOWER of Prayer – your direct line to Jesus, God, and all the Angels and Saints in Heaven.  Free Prayer cards will help get you started.
  9. ThePOWER of God’s GRACE – this is a free gift from God that cannot be earned, but sometimes we forget to ask God for his Grace.  Whatever you are struggling with, give a humble confession and ask for God’s Grace to overcome it.  God’s Grace is far more powerful than then any human problem.  He will give you the power to overcome any problem.  When we can’t break the bondage of sin, God’s Grace will take over (if we seek it).  Ask a Priest for guidance and direction to get you started with Confession and Reconciliation.
  10. Continue to live a simple and good life.  Perseverance – it takes time and effort to build up assets and a strong family.
  11. Money Matters– use our money management principals to build up your assets.
  12. ThePOWER of YOUR spirit – things just work so much better when God is running things and your spirit comes in line with God’s way of life.  Continue to grow spiritually with the guidance of the Catholic Church.  Don’t be that pissed off teenager who doesn’t like the rules and wants to do it their way.  You’re not smarter than God.  Jesus commissioned the Apostles who set up the Catholic Church with Bishops and Deacons (Jesus didn’t commission the Baptist Church, or any of the other 40,000 Protestant Churches.  Those churches protested and left the Church).  The Catholic Church put together THE Bible, as well as the Doctrine (RULES) given by Jesus, Moses, the Beatitudes, and other biblical sources.  The Catholic Church guides us in these rules – these are called Canon Law.  I don’t know of any Protestant church that does this – they usually just tell you to love Jesus with all your heart and everything will magically get better.  Sure, we don’t like being told that what we are doing is wrong; but just like an angry child who doesn’t listen to his parents, we end up down the wrong road when we don’t listen.

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